Core Beliefs

We work together with you with the following basic convictions:

People have been created profoundly relational. We flourish most completely in relationship with others.

We are formed and shaped as individual people in the context of imperfect family systems, cultural networks, work and school environments, and faith communities. Understanding the rules, roles, and hierarchies that govern these contexts gives is great insight into who we are as individuals.

We are profoundly spiritual people who seek to make meaning out of our world as we relate to God, Self, and Others.

Emotional, psychological, and spiritual change happens in and through growth fostering relationships in which we are able to know others and be known by others.

Change in a therapeutic context is a dynamically relational process that requires an understanding of the internal, relational, and developmental factors that contribute to a person’s problems.  Change in this sense is not simply behavioral, but is also emotional and spiritual.